A French Software engineer that seeks to help builders gain context around the technology they use to better solve their problems.
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From functions calls to distributed transactions, what does it take to make two services communicate?

While calling a service to send an email may seem trivial within a monolith, it can become a real headache in a distributed architecture.

Indeed, within a monolithic application, calling a service can be summed up to an in-process function call, which is incredibly fast and (almost) always succeeds. Distributed…

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While organizations and engineers are shifting to a new paradigm which changes the way we build and operate applications, the need of effective monitoring is even more important to meet reliability objectives and user satisfaction.

Indeed, with cloud computing, visibility into services is crucial, especially when we talk about containers…

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Most of the products and services we use on a daily basis didn’t exist 20 years ago. Most of the parts that make up our education systems have not changed since the 1960s. In a world shaped by creative minds, there’s a breakdown happening.

School is boring.

The general consensus is clear: American students find school boring according to a Student Opinion interview made by the New York Times with a dozen children from all over the United States. …

Grégoire Mielle

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